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My graphics are NOT public domain. They are protected by copyright with all rights reserved.

Please read this entire page before taking any images or graphics!

You may use my graphics for free as linkware under certain conditions using the following guidelines (stated below).

Linkware means that you include credit (copyright Deb Harris or Deb Harris) with the graphics and my website address linked on the same page where the graphic(s) appears. Wonderflight, or give credit using one of my banners (again on the same page where the graphic(s) appear).

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I created the Wonderflight website in December of 1997. In the past, I did not have a specific 'terms of use' page. I stated the basics on the main pages of the website. Unfortunately it has become clear that more specific guidelines are needed.

The reason I must ask that you follow these guidelines is because many times if someone finds or receives a graphic without the artists name they may download it or scan it and use it , modify it or include it in other collections without realizing they are breaking copyright laws. I have seen my graphics made into banners, awards, PSP tubes, background sets, theme sets etc...and being given away in other collections with no credit to me at all. In fact some folks download a graphic, then create something different with it and claim credit for the new graphic with no mention of the original artist. Many have recieved awards for the graphics they have created this way. It is upsetting when you have spent hundreds of hours creating graphics for others enjoyment for free and then see those graphics with credit given to someone else or no credit at all.

You may use my graphics as linkware if your personal website is NOT commercial and does NOT contain or link to pornography, hate, or adult material or sites.

Never link directly to any graphics on the website, you must download the graphics and use them from your own files. You may NOT use my graphics in other graphic collections (give away or for sale) either online or in any other form (printed matter, Cd's etc...). You may NOT alter my graphics or create other graphics with them, ie: banners, awards, PSP tubes, backgrounds, background sets, theme sets etc... without specific written permission. In most cases I will give permission.

It is appropriate to give credit and a working link to the artist (in this case me, Deb Harris @ Wonderflight, on each page where you use my graphic(s). A text credit and link are fine (you don't have to put a banner on every page). If you use several graphics from one artist it's courteous to include a banner link to them on your credit/links page as well.

If you use a background set or parts of a background set please include the matching Wonderflight banner (linked to this website) on the same page where the graphic(s) appear.

If you use graphics you find on the web and do not follow these guidelines it is considered copyright theft and is illegal.

If you download graphics from collection pages that DO NOT specify the artists of those graphics, they and then you may be guilty of copyright theft. Stating that the artist is unknown or that you/they believe the graphics are public domain does not excuse copyright theft. Too many people are doing this and one by one artists are closing their free sites. If it continues it will be hard to find new free original graphics on the web. That would be a shame.

Most people are very courteous when creating websites using other peoples work. Those that aren't may spoil it for everyone else.

Thanks for reading these terms and following them.
I wish you happiness and light in your life.
Stay Magical!
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