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WonderFlight Art Gallery
The gallery is remodeled and ready for veiwing, (more new graphics are incorporated into those pages)

New animated fairies (from the gallery) added in July 2000.

Nine New (tiny animated) FAIRIES
more New animated FAIRIES
DRAGON and PEGUSUS, two sizes, left and right and 3 tiny BUTTERFLIES
HUMMINGBIRDS,left and right /with moving wings in 3 sizes (white bgs)
Glittery line and starry blocks with the colors from this page
New Backgrounds
(Pages show backgrounds tiled and the assorted colors available on the same page.)

Sort of formal looking embossed look in mostly pastels
Twisty pastel patterns
Cool feathery treelike pattern in dark rich colors
Same as above in pastel colors
Light colors with cut out star patterns
Misty swirly pattern in light colors
More interesting and unique WonderFlight Backgrounds
(backgrounds 'by color'- also daisies, embossed circle/w 5 point star and several others, all in a variety of colors.)

1997 - 2007

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