Notice how this background tiles and choose the color you like best. To use my backgrounbds; PLEASE save to your desktop and load into YOUR OWN files! Thanks!I have coded borders on all the graphics so you can see where they are... the outlines are NOT actually part of the graphics themselves.

starcross.jpg (4986bytes)
This is the one being used. Animations can be used in combination with these backgrounds or on black backgrounds.
stcr_W.GIF (6k)
stcr_WL.GIF (13k)
starcrossaqua.jpg (5k) starcrossblue.jpg (5k)
stcr_B.GIF (5k)
stcr_BL.GIF (16k) stcr_B.GIF (5k)
starcrossgreen.jpg (5k) starcrosspink.jpg (5k)
stcr_PK.GIF (4274bytes) stcr_PKL.GIF (10k) stcr_PK1.GIF (5k)
starcrosspurple.jpg (5k)
stcr_PL.GIF (18k)

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