fairylinebreak.jpg (17k)
the above is a line break!
asmallbluefairy.jpg (10k)
Larger Version
Tiny Version
asmallgreenfairy.jpg  (11k)
Larger Version
Tiny Version
asmallpeachfairy.jpg (12k)
Larger Version
Tiny Version
asmallpinkfairy.jpg (10k)
Larger Version
Tiny Version
asmallsilverfairy.jpg (10k)
Larger Version
Tiny Version

Some of my favorites

New fairies from the new Gallery pictures

Nine(tiny animated) FAIRIES

Two fairies in 2 sizes

More animated FAIRIES

Lela (page top fairy, 3 sizes)

Adoptable animated Fairies~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies2~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies3~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies4~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies5~**~Adoptable animated Fairies6~**~Adoptable animated Fairies7

Below there are variations of NON ANIMATED fairies (my first fairies). Choose from different colors and sizes and little line breaks. I hope you enjoy them.
***Page2_Fairies*** ***Page3_Fairies*** ***Page4_Fairies***

If you need a transparent background there is a wonderful service available online, called GIFWORKS

New Animations
DRAGON and PEGUSUS,BUTTERFLIES*|* HUMMINGBIRDS*|* Glittery line and starry blocks*|*
New Backgrounds
*1*| *2*| *3*| *4*| *5*| *6*| *7*| *8*

1997 - 2007


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