These fairies are adoptable!! Take them home (download to your own files)to look after your website!
Please give me credit and a link to this website if you adopt my fairies! Or if you'd like...choose one of my banners to give me credit and a link. Thanks!
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Some of my favorites

New fairies from the new Gallery pictures

Nine(tiny animated) FAIRIES

Two fairies in 2 sizes

More animated FAIRIES

Lela (page top fairy, 3 sizes)

Adoptable animated Fairies~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies2~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies3~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies4~**~ Adoptable animated Fairies5~**~Adoptable animated Fairies6~**~Adoptable animated Fairies7

Below there are variations of NON ANIMATED fairies (my first fairies). Choose from different colors and sizes and little line breaks. I hope you enjoy them.
***Page2_Fairies*** ***Page3_Fairies*** ***Page4_Fairies***

If you need a transparent background there is a wonderful service available online, called GIFWORKS

New Animations
DRAGON and PEGUSUS,BUTTERFLIES*|* HUMMINGBIRDS*|* Glittery line and starry blocks*|*
New Backgrounds
*1*| *2*| *3*| *4*| *5*| *6*| *7*| *8*

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